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Mass Spectrometry List Servers

Electronic mailing lists come in three types: discussion, distribution, and mail-on-demand. Join these lists by sending the appropriate e-mail message to the specified address (links to associated WWW pages are provided when they exist).

 AAMSDG Mailing List

Mailing list for the Atlanta-Athens Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group.

Write to LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU with SUBSCRIBE AAMSDG as the first message line. 


 ANZSMS E-Mail Discussion Group

Listserver for the Australia and New Zealand Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group. To subscribe, send an E-mail message containing the two words SUBSCRIBE ANZSMS to

WWW PAGE: DESCRIPTION: "The ANZSMS Listserver serves as an interactive E-mail discussion group concerning mass spectrometry matters of interest to ANZSMS members."

 ISOGEOCHEM Stable Isotope Geochemistry Listserver

An  e-mail discussion list for stable isotope geochemistry. Send e-mail to with no subject and SUB ISOGEOCHEM FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME as the first message line. 

 LASAB Listserver 

An e-mail list for discussion of analytical techniques using laser ablation sampling, including laser desorption ICP-MS. Send e-mail to LISTSERV@TU-CLAUSTHAL.DE with no subject and SUB LASAB as the first message line. 


 MSNET-L Listserver

Discussion and announcements about mass spectrometry internet resources including WWW, Usenet, e-mail, FTP, and software.


 The MOWSE Peptide Mass Database

Molecular Weight SEarch peptide mass e-mail database. Send a message with HELP in the body for more information. 

 PLASMACHEM-L Listserver

A listserver dedicated to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Subscribe by sending the message SUB PLASMACHEM-L FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME to

 Sci.techniques.mass-spec Listserver

A weekly digest of STMS posts. Send a message to with no subject, and the only text being: SUB STMSLIST

 SIMS Listserver

An electronic mailing list for discussions related to secondary ion mass spectrometry. Subscribe by sending the message SUBSCRIBE SIMS to Listserv@FTMON.ARL.MIL

 TIMS listserver

A listserver dedicated to thermal ionization mass spectrometry. This listserver is co-owned by Steve Goldberg at UNC-Chapel Hill and Michael M. Cheatham at Cornell University. So those of you with interests in Geochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Nuclear Sciences, Ecology and Systematics, etc., are encouraged to join." 


 TOFLIST Time-of-Flight Listserver

A mailing list for the ASMS Time-of-Flight Interest Group.